8 Guidelines to Write Readable Code in C# With .NET 6 | by Tobias Streng | Feb, 2022

Enhance your C# code even additional with the following pointers

Photograph by James Harrison on Unsplash

1. Keep away from “Else”

Examples of avoiding else

2. Keep away from excessive Cyclomatic Complexity

Use Interfaces

3. Keep away from an excessive amount of Indentation-Ranges

4. Keep away from Loops by Mastering Linq

Exchange Loops with Linq-Queries

5. Extract and title your strategies

Extract Strategies and title them properly

6. Break and Indent your code

Break earlier than a degree
Break arguments and add names

7. Use quick syntax

Brief If
Brief Null Checking
String Interpolation
Sample matching
Expression Our bodies
Report Varieties

8. International Usings and File-Scoped Namespaces

File-Scoped Namespace
Results of world usings or implicit usings

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