Anomaly Detection in iOS — Compute Image Differences Using Core Image in SwiftUI | by Anupam Chugh

Let’s leverage the brand new Core Picture filter to search out variations and anomalies between photographs

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Human eyes are very receptive to visible representations. Equally, laptop imaginative and prescient permits programs to grasp and course of photographs.

Core Picture and Imaginative and prescient are the 2 predominant pillars of Pc Imaginative and prescient in iOS. Throughout WWDC 2020 Apple pushed the envelope for each of them.

Core Picture in iOS 14 now features a few new built-in filters for picture processing. Particularly, we have now a CIColorThreshold filter to transform a picture into simply black and white by setting threshold worth in addition to one other CIColorThresholdOtsu which determines the suitable threshold from the picture’s histogram.

Extra importantly, we are able to now examine two photographs utilizing the brand new CIColorAbsoluteDifference filter — our predominant focus on this article.

Within the following sections, we’ll discover the use circumstances that may be achieved by analyzing the distinction between photographs.

This picture processing process includes computing absolutely the distinction of every pixel throughout two photographs and including them up.

In doing so, we get a brand new remodeled picture that exhibits the variations throughout the 2 photographs.

Within the new Core Picture filter, if the 2 photographs are precisely, the identical, our output picture can be black.

By evaluating colour variations throughout photographs we are able to:

  • Analyze video frames. For instance, we are able to decide if the frames are constant or there’s some shadow in any of the frames.
  • Anamoly detection to search out outliers that may be missed by the bare eye. That is helpful for recognizing variations between photographs akin to if a bank card or foreign money word has lacking symbols.

Subsequent up, we’ll discover a number of examples of evaluating two photographs.

Let’s create a brand new SwiftUI utility that performs picture processing.

Core Picture requires setting the enter CIImage(which we’ll convert from UIImage) onto the CIFilter. Subsequently, we are able to set thresholds if any, and retrieve the outputImage occasion from the filter. That outputImage occasion is principally a replica of the inputImage which is then handed into CIContext’s operate createCGImage to carry out the transformation.

CIContext is the place all of the picture processing takes place.

Spot The Distinction Between Photographs in SwiftUI

The next instance exhibits the traditional “spot the distinction in photographs” puzzle. However with laptop imaginative and prescient.

CIFilter.colorAbsoluteDifference() creates the CIFilter and we handed the 2 photographs on it.

We will additionally remodel the 2 photographs into grayscale earlier than evaluating them.

Watermark Detection/Extraction

It’s frequent to come back throughout a process the place it’s essential to make sure that a watermark or emblem overlay is about over the picture. Once more, utilizing the CIColorAbsoluteDifference we are able to decide that as proven beneath:

Credit score Card Anomaly Detection

Scanning bank cards in our cellular purposes and extracting the digits is a reasonably frequent laptop imaginative and prescient process.

We will additional leverage the facility of the above Core Picture Filter to find out if the bank card’s picture hasn’t tampered. Furthermore, we are able to hold a reference bank card picture that’s clean and examine it with a scanned picture to solely extract the digits.

The next instance exhibits easy methods to do each of these items:

Screengrabs by creator

Within the left-hand aspect picture, to completely detect if outlier/anomaly is current utilizing laptop imaginative and prescient, we are able to lengthen the above instance by evaluating the output picture with an opaque black picture.

The total supply code of the above SwiftUI + CoreImage utility is accessible on this Github Repository.

Apple’s picture processing framework CoreImage is useful for picture transformations and augmentations when getting ready datasets.

We mentioned a brand new filter CIColorAbsoluteDifference obtainable in iOS 14 that compares two photographs by the colour of every pixel(with out the necessity of OpenCV).

That is helpful in recognizing blemishes throughout photographs, figuring out and eradicating duplicate photographs from a video or dataset.

That’s it for this one. Thanks for studying.

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