BP’s Daily Digest: Python 3.11, Discord Bots, Web3.js, and More | by BP Editors | Apr, 2022

Photograph by Aaron Burden on Unsplash


Python 3.11 is coming in October 2022. Eldad Uzman offers us a fast sneak peek into the new Python 3.11 features that are coming.

Dockerizing a Go App — and Optimising Its Image Size by Stephen Wayne reveals us how the multi-stage construct has a ~51x enchancment over the single-stage construct.

Anna walks us via the basics of web accessibility to enhance our web sites.

Ruby builders would possibly take pleasure in this fast tip: How to Finish a Method After an Interrupt, Before Exiting by Nick Francisci whereas the basics of Solana development by Alec Chen may encourage Rust builders.


From Functions to Python Package by Arafath Hossain — study from scratch about how you can convert your capabilities into packages and distribute them.

Is Sprint the lacking hyperlink that’ll make Python a full-stack language? Learn Layne Sadler’s opinion on why Dash is deeper than Dashboards.


React 18 is out! Zachary Lee’s article shows a minimal model for implementing asynchronous interruptible updates in 400 lines of code.

Speaking of React 18, Jose Granja reveals how suspense works.


Production Outages: The Biggest Test of the DevOps Culture by Meghna Bhave.

Android Dev

Need to bridge the universe between the Composable and View’s lifecycles? Learn Jetpack Compose with Lifecycle-Aware Composables by Stephen Vinouze to know extra.

iOS Dev

With iOS 14, Apple launched the CarPlay framework, a brand new and extra trendy approach to develop CarPlay apps. Pierre-Yves Touzain walks us via the making of a CarPlay audio application.

For SwiftUI lovers, Sarah reveals us how you can build a fun login screen using SwiftUI Materials.


Catching up with Serverless, test this hands-on tutorial to build a Discord Bot with AWS Lambda + API Gateway.

Unity3D Dev

Chris Hilton is constructing a Unity 3D venture. His Cinemachine and Group Targets in Unity story demonstrates how you can maintain a number of targets within the body.

Web3 Dev

Jennifer Fu has been exploring web3.js. Her newest piece reveals how to use web3.js to interact with the Ethereum Virtual Machine in a Remix working environment.

Need to write sensible contracts with out Solidity? Abhishek Chauhan reveals an implementation of smart contracts using Vyper — a Pythonic programming language.

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