Build a Question Answering App Using Pinecone And Python

A pinecone flying in the air
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Vector representations of objects

Distance metrics

  • Semantic textual content search
  • Picture similarity search
  • Video/Audio/Textual content suggestions
  • Time collection similarity search
  • Doc de-duplication detection
  • Totally managed service — no want to fret about infrastructure
  • Excessive efficiency and scalability
  • Consumer-friendly interface, detailed documentation, quite a few instance prototypes, free for experimental initiatives
Picture supply from Pipecone’s official documentation at
  1. Join a free account.
  2. Create an index.
Creating a brand new index through the Console
Comcast buyer complaints extract from
pip set up -qU matplotlib pinecone-client ipywidgets
pip set up -qU sentence-transformers --no-cache-dir
The query answering app
  • The pandas library is used to learn and manipulate the info.
  • The pinecone library gives Pinecone operations like indexing and querying.
  • itertools is used to provide extra complicated iterators.
  • We want sentence_transformers to outline our mannequin — average_word_embeddings_glove.6B.300d. It’s an unsupervised studying algorithm for retrieving vector representations for phrases.
  • The api_key must be your private key taken from Pinecone’s Console.
  • The index_name ought to match the one you created through the Console earlier.
  • Be certain to rename your .csv file accordingly to match the DATA_FILE.
  • The query_questions array comprises the consumer queries to verify in opposition to.
  • The query_vectors extract embeddings for the vectors.
  • The query_results comprises the outcome with essentially the most related listed questions.
  • Ultimately, we iterate via the questions and the outcomes and show essentially the most related questions based mostly on the index similarity. For a greater understanding, we present the ticket id of the query, the query itself, and the rating to point the knowledge of the outcome.
Question outcomes from Pinecone vector search

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