General Coding Ability — A Very Difficult Thing to Assess | by Evan SooHoo | Feb, 2022

How coding assessments try and gamify the hiring course of

One of the best coding interview parody, interval.


I joined a FreeCodeCamp meetup; I used to be solely there for an hour, and it was through Zoom, and it nonetheless lifted my spirits after a protracted week. The premise of the group is to construct — you share concepts, you have a look at what others have made, and also you demo. Effectively, if I’ve something to demo in a couple of weeks, that’s.

If you wish to enhance at chess, I don’t assume there’s something higher than It provides you a rank and a percentile. It critiques your video games and finds errors so that you can evaluation. It offers entry to articles, tactical workouts, and features to memorize.

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