How to Create a Toast Service Using Angular 13 and Bootstrap 5 | by Sebastiano Vierk | Mar, 2022

Introduce a typical notification sample to tell your customers

Angular 13 toaster with Bootstrap 5 toast notifications
Angular 13 toaster with Bootstrap 5 toast notifications (authentic from Pixabay underneath Pixabay License)

In most internet functions there’s a requirement to show some type of notifications to the consumer. A typical UX sample for that is so-called toast notifications.

A toast on this context could be merely defined as a bit of knowledge that pops up someplace on the display screen. On this put up, we wish to take a look on find out how to create a service for sending Bootstrap 5 toast notifications utilizing Angular 13.

Our Angular Toaster consists of the next three elements:

  • ToastService — offers the strategies for sending the toasts
  • ToasterComponent — takes care of managing and stacking present toasts
  • ToastComponent — represents a single toast notification
Preview of the Angular Toaster Application
Preview of the Angular Toaster Application

First, we have to create the toast service that we are able to later name from our utility to ship several types of toasts.

For the service, we use RxJS to deal with our toast occasions utilizing Observables.

The toaster element takes care of managing and stacking the toasts. For this the toaster subscribes to our beforehand created toast service.

Within the template of the element, we iterate over all present toast notifications to show them stacked amongst one another.

The toaster element ought to be included within the app.element.html of the Angular utility to make sure toast notifications are at all times displayed when a toast occasion is fired.

Final however not least, we have to deal with the person toasts themselves. A single toast primarily defines the strategies to indicate and conceal the notification. A small particular characteristic at this level are the error toasts, as a result of we don’t allow them to disappear routinely like the remainder of the toasts do.

Concerning the styling of the toasts, you too can check with the Bootstrap 5 Toast Documentation. In any other case, you too can discover the hyperlink to the complete supply code under.

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