How to Display Alerts on iOS

Alerts with a number of buttons, with edit fields, Motion Sheets, Exercise Views, Popovers on iPad, and SwiftUI evolution

In iOS, there are a few methods to show some modal messages. To go info to the person and optionally to get some suggestions. Most used are Alerts and Motion Sheets. Like secondary choices are Exercise Views and Popovers.

Alert vs ActionSheet by Apple

Alerts are most used and the best. The UIAlertController is a very powerful a part of it.

Alerts include a few components:

  • Title: It represents the title. About what’s the content material
  • Message: It represents the broader description a part of the Alert
  • Alert Model: It signifies the kind of alert to show
  • Alert Actions: These are the Motion choices with what customers can work together with the alert or motion sheet.
  • Alert Textfield: It signifies the choice for the person to make some enter
Instance of Alert and its parts

Alerts convey essential info associated to the state of your app or the gadget. An alert consists of a title, an elective message, a number of buttons, and elective textual content fields for gathering enter. Other than these configurable components, you possibly can’t customise the visible look of an alert. — Apple Human Interface Pointers

Easy Alert with Title, Subtitle, and One Button

This Alert message sort is the best. It acts like some Information message.

Easy Alert with Title, Subtitle and One Button
The Code Tips on how to Create Easy Alert
Alert Message worth is nil

If the message parameter will get nil as worth then only one line, the title will likely be offered.

Alert Message with 2 Buttons

You may notice that the “Cancel button is daring. That is achieved by deciding on fashion as cancel. Additionally for those who assist earlier iOS variations then this could have slight variations.

Alert Message with 2 Buttons
The Code Tips on how to Create Alert Message with 2 Buttons

Alert Message with 3 Buttons

Earlier Alert had the buttons vertically aligned. In the event you add 3 buttons, the system will mechanically align them vertically in house.

With this Alert we have now additionally used the destructor fashion, which colours the textual content to purple. It’s principally used for some operations like Delete, Take away. Something that may point out to the person that this operation might do some everlasting change.

Alert Message with 3 Buttons
The Code Tips on how to Create Alert Message with 3 Buttons

Alert Message with TextField

That is essentially the most fascinating Alert. This can be utilized once you need to add some merchandise to the checklist. Once you need to edit some person fields like title, cellular quantity. Any edit subject.

Alert Message with TextField
The Code Tips on how to Create Alert Message with TextField

Alert Message with out Button

That is attainable however I’ve seen no use of this. This may current a message and block the display. You may’t dismiss it.

Alert Message with out Button

Motion Sheets belong to the UIAlertController household. However it’s offered from the underside of the display.

An motion sheet presents two or extra decisions associated to an intentional person motion. On smaller screens, an motion sheet slides up from the underside of the display; on bigger screens, an motion sheet seems abruptly as a popover. — Apple Human Interface Pointers

Motion Sheets vs Alert
The Code Tips on how to Create ActionSheet

In the event you run this code on an iPad it’s going to crash. The iPad must know the place of the UIAlertController as it’s offered contained in the popover controller. To repair this crash, we have to add the following line earlier than presenting the Motion Sheet.

alert.popoverPresentationController?.sourceView = view
alert.popoverPresentationController?.sourceRect = button.body

Now the Motion Sheet will likely be offered on the button from supply code.

The system offers a number of commonplace companies, corresponding to copying objects to the pasteboard, posting content material to social media websites, sending objects by way of e-mail or SMS, and extra. Apps may outline customized companies. Principally it’s used for sharing content material. Can deal with sharing textual content, URLs, photographs and many others. This isn’t a daily solution to current some choices to the person however nonetheless belongs to the “Modal” view solution to talk with the person.

Exercise Views by Apple
Exercise Views Code Instance

Popovers are particular methods to current content material modally on iPad.

Popover Instance on iPad by Apple
Customized Popover Instance
Popovers Code Instance

Code examples may be discovered on the following hyperlink GitHub.

Alerts in SwiftUI are just about just like UIKit ones, which is contemplating the UI. As for the SwiftUI improvement, it is determined by what iOS model you’re utilizing. Alerts are evolving and adjusted a few occasions from iOS 13 to iOS 15. However the ideas are the identical.

SwiftUI Alert with 2 Buttons iOS13
SwiftUI Alert with 2 Buttons Code iOS13
SwiftUI Alert with Extra Buttons iOS13
SwiftUI Alert with Extra Buttons Code iOS13
SwiftUI Alert with 2 Buttons iOS14
SwiftUI Alert with 2 Buttons iOS14
SwiftUI Alert with 2 Buttons iOS15
SwiftUI Alert iOS15

As you possibly can see, it developed with SwiftUI. Solely what I’d spotlight now’s that now Alerts are extra customizable than the UIKit ones.

Now we have discovered a few methods find out how to work together modally with customers. Alert, Motion Sheets, Exercise Views, and Popover.

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