How to Use TriState Toggle in Jetpack Compose | by Kashif Masood | Mar, 2022

Change between a number of states in your Android UI

To deal with a twin state in Jetpack Compose (instance: switching between day and evening mode) we use the change, as:

val checkedState = bear in mind  mutableStateOf(true) Change( checked = checkedState.worth, onCheckedChange =  checkedState.worth = it )

However, Compose doesn’t present any part that might allow us to deal with a number of states.

For instance, as a substitute of simply day and evening mode, we wish to have a day, evening, and night states. Or these states can develop in quantity. One answer is we are able to use RadioGroup with RadioButtons but it surely doesn’t look good.

To beat this we are able to design our customized toggle state button that can have greater than two states. First, let’s take a look on the code.

First, we’re creating a listing of states that can decide what number of states of the toggle button can have.

Then we’re creating selectedOption by bear in mind to outlive configuration modifications that can retailer the at the moment lively state’s worth.

Then a lambda to replace the worth of the chosen possibility.

val onSelectionChange =  textual content: String ->        
selectedOption = textual content

Then we’re creating the top-level view as a floor to present our button a pleasant elevated look. And to make it wrap across the content material it has as kids views we’re utilizing:


Then to imitate the appears of a pleasant toggle button we’re utilizing a Row. And giving it a spherical form for smoother look.

Then we’re iterating via our states checklist so as to add required states within the row. Within the clickable attribute we’re updating the worth of selectedOption with the textual content of the clicked merchandise.

onSelectionChange(textual content)

In background attribute we’re checking if the merchandise is the one that’s chosen, and if true then altering its background shade to ‘Magenta’ in any other case conserving it to ‘LightGray’.

That is the principle ingredient in mimicking the toggle button. Because the merchandise that’s chosen might be in a special shade than the remaining.

Word: You may change this background attribute to match your individual design requirement.

if (textual content == selectedOption)


You may make the most of selectedItem’s worth to attain your outcome.

In the long run, the ultimate outcome will seem like this.

Thanks, That’s all.

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