I Googled React Questions Using Autocomplete Search — and Here Are Their Answers | by Jesse Langford | Apr, 2022

This might grow to be your interview reference information

As a software program developer, I spend lots of time on Google. The opposite day I used to be wanting up a query I had for React and thought it will be attention-grabbing to see the highest autocorrects for the phrase: “does React ”. The autocorrect we not what I used to be anticipating, so I put them in an inventory to share, together with their solutions. I’ll be skipping the entries for React Native.

No, React doesn’t use Typescript. You may, nonetheless, use Typescript to write down React functions. Typescript is a superset of Javascript, which means all of the performance of Javascript exists in Typescript. Over time Typescript has grow to be extra accepted in frontend areas. Common instruments like create-react-app have Typescript templates you should utilize out of the field.

The principle factor you must contemplate when utilizing Typescript is what transpiler you’ll be utilizing.

Transpilers are instruments that learn the sourcecode written in a single programming language and produce the equal code in one other programming language with an analogous degree of abstraction — Source

The rationale you want a transpiler with Typescript is that browsers can’t perceive it. They solely perceive HTML, CSS, and Javascript. You’ll want a transpiler to transform your Typescript to Javascript. Typescript has its personal transpiler you should utilize. One other standard possibility is Babel.

Does React Use Node?

The reply to this one is sort of. As React is a library for constructing consumer interfaces, it operates in a single-page utility context. Node is a Javascript runtime surroundings used to construct backend functions. The rationale I say React sort of makes use of Node is that React and all its supporting libraries and instruments are most frequently distributed utilizing the Node Package deal Supervisor, or NPM for brief. You will want to have Node put in in your machine to realize entry to the NPM registry and all its helpful instruments.

If you happen to needed to get a bare-bones utility on the market you would do it with out Node for positive. However, To get probably the most out of React it helps to have Node.

No, React doesn’t use Webpack. Like Typescript, Webpack is used to reinforce a React utility. Webpack is a well-liked Javascript module bundler. It offers instruments for improvement environments, NPM package deal visibility, and bundle optimization.

You may construct a React utility with out Webpack. Most starter functions will not have any want for it. When you begin constructing larger-scale apps, you’ll want to search for a superb Javascript bundler like Webpack to assist get your App prepared for distribution.

Sure, that is certainly one of Reacts notable options. When state variable adjustments in a part, React will schedule a re-render of that part and all its kids.

const App = () =>   const [name, setName] = React.useState("")  const otherName = ""  return (
<p> identify </p> <p> otherName </p> </div> )

Within the instance above, if we had been to vary the worth for identify, the app would re-render to point out the brand new worth. As a result of we outlined it as a state variable, it would set off a re-render. The otherName variable is a traditional fixed, so any adjustments made to that worth won’t trigger a re-render.

This conduct or re-rendering on state adjustments provides React its acclaimed pace within the browser. The less re-renders a website has, the higher it performs for customers. Higher efficiency for customers means a greater total expertise.

React doesn’t use HTML, but it surely does produce it. React is written utilizing JSX. JSX is a syntax extension to Javascript.

const App = () =>   return (
<ComponentA />
<ComponentB />

You should use HTML inside JSX components.

const App = () => return (
<ComponentA />
<ComponentB />

<button>Clcik Me</button>

Although you should utilize HTML inside JSX, it is doable to create a whole React utility and by no means write any HTML.

Just like Typescript, browsers don’t perceive React. So It must be transformed into HTML, CSS, and Javascript earlier than an utility may be run within the browser.

React makes use of Javascript to transform JSX components into HTML for the browser.Right here is a straightforward instance utilizing Babels transpiler

The left facet is what you’d write in your codebase, the best is what React does earlier than your utility may be rendered in a browser. The createElement technique prolonged by React is used to transform JSX components into Browser readable HTML.

No, React doesn’t use jQuery. jQuery, like React, is a javascript library used to make writing Javascript Simpler. jQuery predates React by about 7 years. As internet functions have grow to be extra advanced, libraries and frameworks like React, Angular, and Vue have been created to satisfy the brand new challenges that jQuery struggles with. Regardless of its limitations, jQuery continues to be a very fashionable library. Its simplicity and small dimension make it an awesome start line for individuals trying to attempt frontend improvement for the primary time

It is usually not a good suggestion to combine jQuery and React in the identical undertaking. It may be completed, however it’s best to decide the library or framework that meets your wants and persist with that one.

My interpretation of what this query is getting at is: “Does React want AJAX to work?”. In that case, no React doesn’t use AJAX. Nonetheless, with out AJAX, React functions could be ineffective.

AJAX stands for Asynchronous Javascript and XML. AJAX is a technique of speaking with a server with out the necessity for a web page reload. As of late, most developer interactions with AJAX are abstracted with a library like fetch or Axios.

Anytime a React utility will get knowledge from a server, it’s utilizing an AJAX name. With out them, your React functions would solely be capable of present static knowledge you present in your codebase.

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