Introduction to Lit JavaScript Library With Rollup | by Zafar Saleem | Mar, 2022

Lit Library with a real-world instance

Photograph by Terry Vlisidis on Unsplash
cd lit-contacts
npm i @net/dev-server --save-dev
npm init -y
"dev": "web-dev-server"
export default 
open: true,
watch: true,
appIndex: 'index.html',
exportConditions: ['development'],
esbuildTarget: 'auto',
npm i --save-dev rollup @net/rollup-plugin-html @net/rollup-plugin-copy @rollup/plugin-node-resolve rollup-plugin-terser rollup-plugin-minify-html-literals rollup-plugin-summary
"dev": "web-dev-server",
"construct": "rollup -c"
npm set up eslint --save-dev
npx eslint --init
"dev": "yarn lint && web-dev-server",
"construct": "rollup -c",
"lint": "eslint "./src/**/*.js,ts""
yarn dev
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