Introduction to TCP Connection Establishment for Software Developers | by Rishabh Rawat | Mar, 2022

TCP/IP mannequin
TCP header
  • SYN: This bit is turned on within the first section, at the beginning of the connection institution section.
  • ACK: It’s used when acknowledgement must be despatched out. All the time on aside from the primary and final (connection teardown) packet.
TCP section consists of header and software information
TCP/IP datagram comprises the IP header on high of the TCP header
TCP Three-Approach Handshake

[Segment 1]: The consumer sends an SYN section

[Segment 2]: The server responds with an SYN-ACK section

[Segment 3]: The consumer sends a closing ACK section

Most Section Dimension (MSS)

Most Section Dimension

Window Scaling

Authentic window dimension earlier than scaling
Elevated window dimension after scaling

Selective Acknowledgements (SACK)



Correcting out-of-order packets

Gentle packet reordering may be noticed
  1. The receiving finish acquired the P4 packet earlier than it might obtain P3. In consequence, it retains the P4 in its obtain buffer and sends a (duplicate) acknowledgement of the final packet acquired. Then, it waits for P3 to come back in.
  2. As soon as P3 arrives, it sends the acknowledgement comparable to the final packet it has efficiently acquired, which is P4.
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