Optimizing an Algorithm to Delete Multiple Keys in JavaScript | by Raphael Yoshiga | Feb, 2022

Discovering, isolating, and fixing an algorithm problem in an actual software

Raphael Yoshiga
Picture by Roman Synkevych on Unsplash
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Instance profiler

The bottleneck

O(keys * prefixes)

O(34000 * 27000) = 917,000,000 iterations

Visible illustration of every prefix having to loop by the keys

Again to the issue

Massive O(keys + prefixes)

However we will take inspiration on the Set answer, can we index our information to cut back the lookup value?

O(keys + prefixes)

O(34000 + 27000) = 61,000 as a substitute of

O(34000 * 27000) = 917,000,000

Exponential / linear chart comparability
Credit score: Nat Alison

Instance take a look at instances:

End result with Massive O(keys * Prefixes) = 12.2s

Implementing the tree indexing strategy


The ultimate end result, earlier than optimisation 12.2s, after the optimisation 65ms

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