The Overflow #111: Why securing code repos is a shared responsibility

Welcome to ISSUE #111 of The Overflow! This article is by builders, for builders, written and curated by the Stack Overflow crew and Cassidy Williams. This week: why securing your code repos is a shared accountability, discovering the circulate state, and the invention of nuclear power.

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Securing the data in your online code repository is a shared responsibility stackoverflow.weblog
What would you do in case your code repositories out of the blue stopped working?

Keeping technologists in the flow state stackoverflow.weblog
Stack Overflow CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar displays on 2021.

How to defend your attention and find a flow state stackoverflow.weblog
Trendy apps have been engineered to seize your consideration. We discover the way to break away and discover extra focus in your personal programming.

Vision AI hardware for software developers promotion
The newest ready-to-go imaginative and prescient AI options make incorporating clever pc imaginative and prescient doable for makers of each form. Learn this weblog to study extra.

Attention-grabbing questions

Why can atoms only gain or lose electrons and not protons?
Congratulations! You will have simply found nuclear power!

Squishy vectors
Remedy a quantity puzzle within the smallest doable code.

I accidentally deleted /usr/bin/test and now I can’t update, upgrade, or install packages
“Please assist me.”

Job prospects after math PhD in cryptography
Is getting a PhD like flying a fighter jet? Not a lot.

Performance optimization for three.js web animations
It is a nice primer on working with animation libraries with out impacting your web site’s efficiency.

Why don’t developers take accessibility seriously?
Accessibility is an evergreen matter and extremely totally different relying on the kind of developer you’re. Right here’s an summary of these various views.

Trailing slashes on URLs: contentious or settled?
Who knew a single character could possibly be so controversial? Right here’s an ideal take a look at how a trailing slash can have an effect on efficiency, website positioning, property, and moooore.

Build a Wordle-like SMS game with Twilio Serverless
If you happen to’re as into Wordle as we’re, you would possibly take pleasure in this tutorial on the way to construct your individual SMS-based model.

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