The Overflow #113: Top-paying tech jobs

Welcome to ISSUE #113 of The Overflow! This article is by builders, for builders, written and curated by the Stack Overflow staff and Cassidy Williams. This week: tech’s top-paying jobs, constructing a killer firm model, going from C-suite to IC, and that one developer who’s at all times doing Leetcode puzzles at work.

From the weblog

The three top-paying tech roles in 2022 and the skills you need to land them stackoverflow.weblog
In search of the talents that pay the payments? Skillsoft ran a survey to seek out out the highest-paying roles and the talents they require.

Attracting developers with a company brand that slays stackoverflow.weblog
If you wish to get your organization model observed, why not get a bit of adventurous?

Moving from CEO back to IC: A chat with Mitchell Hashimoto on his love for code (Ep. 412) stackoverflow.weblog
A captivating dialogue with Mitchell Hashimoto, cofounder of HashiCorp, who lately returned to the function of unbiased contributor after stints as each CEO and CTO.

Explore GitLab for 30 days promotion
GitLab helps builders ship quicker and extra securely from a single platform. Discover superior CI/CD, agile planning, superior safety testing, compliance administration, and a lot extra. Attempt a free GitLab trial immediately!

Fascinating questions

Discovered developer doing Leetcode puzzles when he should be working
Set deadlines and deliverables; the remainder is simply noise.

Find the area of an n-interesting polygon
Recursion is cool and all, however generally a easy system does the trick.

Is it safe to store a password using a secure hash followed by an insecure hash?
Like a late evening journey to Denny’s, protecting a poor hash requires extra hash and loads of salt.

How to balance spellbooks looted from enemy wizards?
Fairly quickly, you’ll be working a marketing campaign with a stage 10 library.

React: the missing parts acko.internet
What if React patterns may very well be used for non-UI functions?

Reducing the web’s carbon footprint: optimizing social media embeds
Enhance web site efficiency whereas decreasing environmental impression.

Yes, I can connect to a DB in CSS
However ought to I?

German court rules websites embedding Google fonts violates GDPR
For those who use Google Fonts in your web site, this may very well be a really huge deal.

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