The Overflow #117: New podcast hosts, the CEO on PagerDuty, and horrible code on a deadline

Welcome to ISSUE #117 of The Overflow! This text is by builders, for builders, written and curated by the Stack Overflow group and Cassidy Williams. This week: our new crew of podcast hosts, the CEO who nonetheless takes his activate PagerDuty, and the existential horror of working with abysmal code when a deadline looms.

From the weblog

Welcoming the new crew of Stack Overflow podcast hosts stackoverflow.weblog
We’ve obtained a brand new group of hosts and a few massive plans for the longer term.

Rewriting Bash scripts in Go using black box testing stackoverflow.weblog
When rewriting software program in a brand new language, how do you check that your new and outdated applications do the identical factor?

Why David Barrett, CEO of Expensify, still takes his turn on PagerDuty (Ep. 420) stackoverflow.weblog
The group talks with Expensify CEO David Barrett about how laptop graphics and video video games impressed his profession, how Expensify constructed their stack, and why this CEO nonetheless takes his activate PagerDuty.

Disaster recovery for GitHub data promotion
Get better misplaced GitHub knowledge in a number of clicks and meet your catastrophe restoration authorized necessities.

Fascinating questions

Working with very bad code but on a deadline
“Pure horror.”

Can an RNA vaccine change your DNA permanently?
“Even when this did occur, it probably would simply outcome within the cell producing spike protein repeatedly, which might set off the immune system to kill the affected cell.”

What is the oldest digital processor still performing non-educational duties in its original environment?
Look to interstellar area or Bletchley Park.

Is the initial gravity of the black hole the same as the mass of the object that created it?
“Black holes don’t even have ‘stronger gravity’ than different objects of comparable mass.”

Say hello to selectmenu, a fully style-able select element
Anybody who’s ever needed to fashion a choose component is aware of this has main potential.

A11y automation tracker
This can be a nice one-stop useful resource for accessibility info, testing instruments, and associated errors.

Node.js reference architecture
Large firms have quite a lot of opinions about codebase structure. Right here’s a large useful resource on the topic from IBM and Crimson Hat.

Anatomy of a JWT
You’ll have heard about JSON Net Tokens (JWTs), however do you perceive what they’re beneath the hood?

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