The Overflow #122: Your salary shouldn’t be dictated by how good a negotiator you are 

Welcome to ISSUE #122 of The Overflow! This article is by builders, for builders, written and curated by the Stack Overflow staff and Cassidy Williams. This week: All about OAuth2, the authorized definition of a superhero, and the NFT membership that ditched NFTs.

From the weblog

The complete guide to protecting your APIs with OAuth2 (part 1) stackoverflow.weblog
OAuth2 is without doubt one of the hottest specs for API authentication right now, although wrapping your head round it may be a problem.

Will chatbots ever live up to the hype? stackoverflow.weblog
Chatbots held a lot promise as a software program software. However near-future NLP advances will carry them extra according to their hype.

“Your salary shouldn’t be dictated by how good a negotiator you are.” (Ep. 432)  stackoverflow.weblog
The house staff discusses pay fairness at New Relic, Okta’s safety SNAFU, and the AI creating “wildly good” generative artwork.

Modernize with MongoDB Atlas, the database loved by millions of developers promotion
Guarantee the provision of your knowledge with protection throughout AWS, Azure, and GCP on MongoDB Atlas, the one multi-cloud doc database. Join free, no bank card required.

Attention-grabbing questions

How do I create a GIF screencast in Windows?
Need to file a video with out recording a video?

Unable to focus on programming around 3-4 PM every day. How can I fix this?
Inform me you’re affected by burnout with out telling me you’re affected by burnout.

A paradox regarding the Larmor formula
reminder that physics isn’t purely math.

How would the world governments define a super person?
Sorry Batman, you’re legally not a superhero.

Performance insights: Get actionable insights on your website’s performance
A brand new “efficiency insights” panel is coming to Chrome, which ought to be helpful for producing precise motion objects to repair your websites!

Home sweet homepage
In the event you grew up within the period of Geocities, you’ll admire this cute webcomic about how making web sites can influence a youngster. Here’s a text-only transcript!

Why bike club NFT ditched NFTs
Whether or not you’re pro-NFTs or not, that is an attention-grabbing take a look at how one group (quickly?) pivoted away from them.

Tolkien on the importance of fantasy and science fiction
When the world round us is chaotic, generally fiction is the one option to make sense of the reality.

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