The Overflow #128: The Great Resignation cuts both ways

Welcomes to ISSUE #128 of The Overflow! This article is by builders, for builders, written and curated by the Stack Overflow workforce and Cassidy Williams. This week: a research-based technique for interviewing builders, prooving that you haven’t acquired an e-mail, and the traditional beast Lotus 1-2-3 rises once more on Linux.

From the weblog

The science of interviewing developers stackoverflow.weblog
All these CEOs on LinkedIn claiming they’ll discover the suitable candidate in a five-minute dialog? Incorrect. Science exhibits us how we are able to do higher.

Web3 skeptics and believers both need a reality check stackoverflow.weblog
With a lot hype and hate round Web3, let's take a measured take a look at what it’s and what it will possibly do.

Turns out the Great Resignation goes both ways (Ep. 445) stackoverflow.weblog
The house workforce covers the hiring freezes and layoffs hitting the tech sector, burnout amongst freelancers and candidates for tech jobs, the doubtful ethics of unpaid internships, and the best way to make Twitter safer by preemptively blocking individuals.

Out-of-the-box data system discovery and classification promotion
Transcend Information Mapping learns your database schema and routinely classifies the non-public knowledge inside, so your organization isn’t left with incomplete knowledge visibility – and also you don’t have to take care of database queries.

Fascinating questions

Smallest subset of characters required for Turing Completeness
I've heard of code effectivity, however that is ridiculous.

I just got invited to referee an article! Is it OK to share this achievement on social media?
Tip for the Very On-line: Some issues are supposed to be personal.

Can I prove that I did not receive an email?
You can’t show a detrimental. The burden of proof is on the individual making the declare.

What arrangement of celestial bodies would allow high and low tide to last for the longest time?
Loads of seashores for everybody!

Lotus 1-2-3 for Linux
In the event you keep in mind Lotus 1-2-3, you're in all probability within the minority…however take a look at how one dev ported this Eighties spreadsheet program into Linux!

Advantages of SSG over SSR
SSR? SSG? BBQ? There are benefits to all of this stuff, and it's a sizzling subject within the net dev world proper now. Right here's an excellent overview for the websites you may construct.

The surprising truth about pixels and accessibility
Do you have to use pixels or rems? Lastly, some solutions.

Working with Three.js: The popular 3D JavaScript library
It is a nice deep dive on Three.js and the best way to set it up in a React undertaking!

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