The Overflow #137: The San Francisco exodus

Welcome to ISSUE #137 of The Overflow! This text is by builders, for builders, written and curated by the Stack Overflow workforce and Cassidy Williams. This week: constructing distinct metrics for developer abilities, programming languages for bioaccoustics, and enhancing your productiveness by enhancing your workspace.

From the weblog

Automate the boring parts of your job stackoverflow.weblog
Seems the robots are right here to make your job extra fascinating.

Quarterly CEO update: Always learning stackoverflow.weblog
It’s been a busy quarter for the corporate. We celebrated a handful of massive milestones during the last three months. We added a brand new Chief Expertise Officer, Jody Bailey, to our management workforce, introduced Stack Overflow for Groups coming into the Microsoft Azure Market, launched thrilling initiatives like Staging Floor, and launched insights from this 12 months’s Developer Survey.

Measurable and meaningful skill levels for developers stackoverflow.weblog
Spoken languages have distinct ranges to measure abilities; why shouldn’t programming languages, too?

San Francisco? More like San Francis-go (Ep. 468) stackoverflow.weblog
Ben and Matt talk about how tech employees’ choice for distant work is driving a near-exodus from cities like San Francisco, whereas smaller cities like Tulsa, Oklahoma are actually paying distant employees to relocate.

Get your guide to DevSecOps for cloud-native applications promotion
Introducing safety earlier in improvement creates a DevSecOps mannequin that allows steady innovation whereas mitigating threat and compliance. Be a part of this webinar to be taught the significance of software safety scanning, infrastructure as code (IaC) safety scanning, testing practices and patterns, and methods to apply coverage and compliance guardrails.

Attention-grabbing questions

Certainty is not possible in science
“Science will not be a purpose, it’s a methodology.”

“Relax” but with negative connotations
For these instances once you want zero chill.

MATLAB versus Python versus R: What are the advantages and disadvantages for bioacoustics?
Listed below are the very best programming languages for recording whale songs.

Is there a difference in Earth’s magnetic field between day and night?
Do it’s essential justify vampires in your screenplay? Perhaps this will help.

The impact of iOS 16 Lockdown Mode in Safari
The brand new iOS Lockdown Mode that’s designed to guard you additionally impacts internet options and efficiency. Listed below are the main points so you may put together.

With :focus-visible, you can have focus styles when it makes sense hidde.weblog
It’s essential to incorporate focus types for accessibility, however focus-visible provides you extra choices.

Ergonomic tips from over-full-time programmer
The house round you and the way you employ it is likely to be simply as essential because the code you write. The following tips will assist you keep in good typing form.

Planting trees isn’t enough. Here’s why we need tiny man-made forests
Have you ever ever heard of mini-forests? You need to.

A blast from the previous: Play the long game when learning to code.

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