The Overflow #139: Software licenses against evil 

Welcome to ISSUE #139 of The Overflow! This article is by builders, for builders, written and curated by the Stack Overflow group and Cassidy Williams. This week: robo-lawyers that struggle tickets and spam calls, the thriller about why there’s no new math, and saluting Java because the as soon as and future king of languages.

From the weblog

Can you stop your open-source project from being used for evil? stackoverflow.weblog
Are you able to management what you’ve already let loose?

Will low and no code tools ever truly disrupt tech development? stackoverflow.weblog
Will the programmers of tomorrow be transport merchandise written with out touching an excessive amount of code?

The internet’s Robin Hood uses robo-lawyers to fight parking tickets and spam calls (Ep. 471) stackoverflow.weblog
Joshua Browder, founder and CEO of DoNotPay, tells us how a heap of pricey parking tickets impressed him to construct software program that helps individuals keep away from fines, safe refunds, declare free land, win again misplaced financial savings, and even fight systemic racism.

20+ tips for getting started with MongoDB promotion
Whether or not you’re new to doc databases otherwise you’ve labored with MongoDB earlier than, this free information consists of ideas and pattern code helpful for leveraging key options in MongoDB.

Fascinating questions

Why does ‘not(True) * True’ not give me an invalid syntax error, just like ‘True * not(True)’?
“Solely 5% of programmers will get this!”

Confusion about USA export restriction regarding electronics
The legal professionals and the engineers don’t spend sufficient time collectively.

If math is so deductive, why is it so hard to discover new math?
Are you aware what number of mathematicians have been deducing on the market?

Are the mathematical constants e and π encoded in the Bible?
For significant values to be secretly encoded, your decoding scheme shouldn’t be fully arbitrary.

You Got This!
This superior hub for academic content material focuses on core expertise to enhance your working life. Test it out!

Don’t call it a comeback: Why Java is still champ
You’ll assume that Java would present some put on and tear. Nope! It’s thriving.
Free design/part sample e book? Sure please!

Archiving feminicide from data to narrative
It is a distinctive, intense, and enlightening data-driven undertaking price studying about.

A blast from the previous: Learn to program BASIC with a Twitter bot.

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