The Overflow #142: The bane of bossware

Welcome to ISSUE #142 of The Overflow! This text is by builders, for builders, written and curated by the Stack Overflow workforce and Cassidy Williams. This week: our new Pupil Ambassador Program, the conspicuous absence of hardware-specific GPU APIs, and an ode to our dearly departed companion, Clippy.

From the weblog

Stack Overflow is launching a Student Ambassador Program. Here’s how to apply. stackoverflow.weblog
Find out how Stack Overflow can assist assist your campus golf equipment or hackathons.

Functional programming is an ideal fit for developing blockchains stackoverflow.weblog
Some functions simply lend themselves to sure programming paradigms.

Work has changed. Our upcoming conference, Flow State, explores what’s next stackoverflow.weblog
Find out how builders, technologists, and ahead pondering organizations are adapting to the brand new regular.

What companies lose when they track worker productivity (Ep. 478) stackoverflow.weblog
The house workforce gathers for a dialog about office productiveness monitoring: Does it encourage staff to get extra completed, or does it result in stress that takes away from deep, centered work and replaces it with busywork as an alternative?

Data Modeling with MongoDB Webinar promotion
Be a part of MongoDB for a dwell webinar the place specialists will study an important issues when making choices about your information mannequin, so as to create the mannequin that most closely fits your software. Register now!

Fascinating questions

How can I achieve multiple conditional inheritance?
For this to work properly, it’s possible you’ll have to replace your C++ model.

Why can’t we have hardware-specific graphics APIs?
The GPU doesn’t truly belong to the {hardware}. It belongs to the OS.

How can I efficiently diff a CSV file against a database?
That simply feels like working a diff of two databases with further steps.

Interviewer keeps stringing me along
“In the event that they’re like this earlier than you begin, how unhealthy will it’s when you’ve joined?”

Why your website should be under 14KB in size
The distinction between 14KB and 15KB could also be very small, however simply wait and see why it makes an enormous change.

The twisted life of Clippy
It’s apparent to us now, however within the mid-90s, builders didn’t know that Clippy could be a cultural icon.

Complex conditional width using flex-basis with clamp
Listed here are some methods for much more superior CSS layouts.

Constructs of augmented reality
This superior free information gives you the talents and instruments to make augmented actuality (AR) an actual actuality!

A blast from the previous: Want to teach your kids to code? Here are three apps that can help.

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