Write Better Git Commit Messages To Increase Your Productivity | by Paul Knulst | Feb, 2022

See how a minor change to your commit message type could make an enormous distinction in productiveness

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Inside this information, I’ll present how one can format your Git commit messages in a approach that can optimize productiveness not just for you however in your entire software program improvement workforce. This information assumes that you simply perceive the basic Git workflow.

To grasp why Git Commit messages are vital for everybody you may open up any private or firm venture you have been engaged on and execute git log to get a listing of previous commit messages that have been used.

Most individuals will see a listing of not less than some commit messages that seem like:

commit 74b187e20b796ef243a6d47d2bd32f17fa5c0942 
Writer: *****
Date: Wed Feb 16 17:07:55 2022 +0100
clear up
commit 6b907b81bb1075a6faa596bc639ee0939359e29a
Writer: *****
Date: Wed Feb 15 12:17:55 2022 +0100
repair format
commit fda43da641946a9c50988474b15ac8d1f7d05343|
Writer: *****
Date: Wed Feb 15 12:03:23 2022 +0100
hotfix URL
commit 09f6f131dece7bf9056063b9b4235f49caf8e0a5
Writer: *****
Date: Wed Feb 14 11:17:15 2022 +0100
redo repair
commit 75810b248462dc17adb3dae402b344f7fef85862
Writer: *****
Date: Wed Feb 14 09:35:43 2022 +0100
repair type

If you received to ask what the developer has carried out you can’t reply it as a result of the Git Commit messages are usually not significant. Additionally, if you’re requested to take away Ticket XY you have no idea which commits to revert. Moreover, if a commit introduces breaking modifications you additionally have no idea about by studying the commit messages.

For those who had written readable and knowledge full commit messages you’re future-proof your self and each different developer. You’ll save time researching and troubleshooting simply by writing down what was carried out within the Git commit messages.

There are two alternative ways to create a commit message within the Terminal:


git commit -m <your_message>


git commit -m <your_message> -m <detailed_description>
  1. Capitalization and Punctuation: The primary phrase must be capitalized and never finish in punctuation.
  2. Commit sort: The kind of the commit needs to be specified to explain your modifications. You may use: Bugfix, Refactor, Hotfix
  3. Size: The primary line shouldn’t be longer than 50 characters and the physique must be restricted to a line size of 72 – see Linus Torvalds explanation or this helpful guide
  4. Temper: At all times use crucial temper within the topic as a result of it offers the tone you’re giving an order or request
  5. Content material: Direct sentences with out phrases like: although, I feel, form

Content material is essential and for those who write it it’s best to contemplate and reply the next questions when you write it down:

  • What’s the purpose for these modifications?
  • What was the impact that my modifications made?
  • Why was the change wanted?
  • What are the modifications in reference to?

At all times attempt to summarize in a approach that each reader understands the modifications with out having detailed background details about the change. Apparent modifications ought to nonetheless be defined as detailed as potential.

For example, evaluate these two commit messages:

  1. git commit -m “Add margin”
  2. git commit -m “Add margin to header as a result of it overlaps with the breadcrumb textual content”

If you’ll learn these commit messages it’s apparent which considered one of these is extra informative.

Conventional Commits is a specification that accommodates a light-weight conference on prime of commit messages. It has a straightforward algorithm for making a readable, comprehensible, and informative git commit historical past. This could result in a extra productive workforce the place each developer can perceive and preserve the git historical past.

When utilizing Standard Commits each commit message must be structured as follows:

<sort>[optional scope]: <description>

[optional body]

[optional footer(s)]

The commit message accommodates the next three components: header, physique, footer

Commit Message Header

The header consists of a obligatory sort, an optionally available scope, and a obligatory quick description.

The kind can embrace:

  • feat: introduce a brand new function
  • repair: patches a bug in your codebase (bugfix or hotfix)
  • construct: modifications that have an effect on the construct system or exterior dependencies
  • chore: updates dependencies and doesn’t relate to repair or feat and doesn’t modify src or check recordsdata.
  • ci: modifications that have an effect on the continual integration course of
  • docs: updates the documentation or introduce documentation
  • type: updates the formatting of code; take away white areas, add lacking areas, take away pointless newlines
  • refactor: reactors code segments to optimize readability with out altering habits
  • perf: enhance efficiency
  • check: add/take away/replace exams
  • revert: reverts one or many earlier commits

The optionally available scope supplies extra contextual data.

  • Allowed scopes rely upon the venture
  • Don’t use difficulty identifiers as scopes

The outline is a quick abstract of the code modifications.

  • Use crucial temper!
  • Solely lowercase
  • No punctuation

Commit Message Physique

The commit message physique is optionally available and is supplied one clean line after the outline. It could encompass any variety of newline paragraphs that ought to not exceed 72 characters. Additionally, the physique is handled as free-form.

Footer Message Physique

A number of footers are allowed and are supplied one clean line after the physique and should encompass a phrase token that’s adopted by a :<area> or a <area># separator, adopted by an outline (or any string). The phrase token should use as an alternative of areas: Designed-By: UserX, Acked-By: John, Solves-Ticket: Jira-123

An exception to those guidelines occurs if the commit introduces a breaking change to the software program. If so the footer should encompass the uppercase textual content BREAKING CHANGE, adopted by a colon, an area, and an outline.


To show the principles I added some examples of the way to use Standard Commit Messages

Commit message with the description and a breaking change footer

feat: permit supplied config object to increase different configsBREAKING CHANGE: `extends` key in config file is now used for extending different config recordsdata

Commit message with multi-paragraph body and multiple footers

repair: forestall racing of requestsIntroduce a request id and a reference to newest request. Dismiss
incoming responses aside from from newest request.
Take away timeouts which have been used to mitigate the racing difficulty however are
out of date now.
Reviewed-by: Z
Refs: #123

Commit message that provides a function based mostly on Ticket 473

feat: ship an e mail to the client when a product is shippedSolves-Ticket: Jira-473

For example, you may evaluate the next commit messages that may very well be exchanged with one another however will present completely different data.


  1. perf: optimize loading of things on touchdown web page
  2. feat: ship an e mail to the client when a product is shipped
  3. repair: add the right firm identify to the footer and changing the dummy textual content
  4. revert: revert a beforehand launched bug in objects retrieving from database


  1. optimize touchdown web page
  2. ship e mail
  3. oops
  4. I feel I fastened it this time?

I wish to present right here that having a well-formatted commit message will clarify the duty that was achieved in additional element, and builders who don’t work on a venture may additionally perceive what was carried out on this Git commit.

Writing a well-formatted commit message is a useful talent for each developer that additionally enhances the productiveness of the entire software program improvement workforce. The communication between builders turns into higher and it’s simpler to collaborate.

At all times take into account that commit messages are used to archive each change that was made to the software program and may turn out to be a manuscript to decipher the previous. Additionally, it may assist you to as a developer to make reasoned choices sooner or later based mostly on the work that was carried out up to now.

On this article, you realized the fundamentals of the way to enhance your individual Git commit messages. I hope you discover this beneficial and are in a position to apply it in your individual software program tasks.

Additionally, after you utilized Standard Commits to your software program improvement workforce you can introduce this npm project that may very well be used to mechanically create changelog recordsdata from commits carried out utilizing the Standard Commit strategy

I’d love to listen to your concepts and ideas about these strategies. If you realize one other strategy or have any questions, please jot them down beneath. I attempt to reply them if potential.

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