Your Ignorance Is Causing You To Fail as a Leader | by Vinita | Feb, 2022

How are you dealing with your blind spots?

Two circles. One smaller one in a larger one. The smaller one=what you actually know. The larger one= what you think you know
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“Assured humility is having religion in {our capability} whereas appreciating that we could not have the appropriate resolution and even be addressing the appropriate downside. That offers us sufficient doubt to reexamine our previous data and sufficient confidence to pursue new insights.” — Adam Grant, “Assume Once more: The Energy of Realizing What You Don’t Know”

1. Blind to their habits

“You’ll be able to’t enhance for those who don’t know what you’re doing mistaken .”— Shane Parish

2. Blind to their folks

3. Blind to their competence

“Being ignorant isn’t a lot a disgrace, as being unwilling to be taught.” — Benjamin Franklin

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